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Five Simple Ideas For Home Decorating


Want a few tips on how to redo your room but don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to a professional designer?  No problem-redecorating can be easy.  Home decoration is all about being creative and filtering in what works from what doesn't.  Everything else is just about money.  So here are five simple and inexpensive ways to decorate your room.

1. Rearrange Things

Furniture was made to move around.  This is quickest and easiest way to add life into a boring room.  You can move your sofa away from the wall and try positioning it in a new and unusual angle.  Let the other furniture complement the new direction.  Best of all, rearranging furniture costs nothing.  Just don't strain yourself!

2. Paint A Single Wall 

Why paint your whole house when you can paint a single wall and make it a focal point?  Hang up pictures, art, or move a large piece of furniture in front of the wall.  As long as the color matches the rest of the house and furnishings, it is a new an artsy look that will not require a major renovation.

3. Send In The Plants

What better way to spruce up a room then adding life to it?  Bring in your favorite plants and use them as decorative furnishings.  If you don't collect plants, buy a few artificial plants that will work as clean and unnoticeable substitutes.  Look into ultra-real "silk plants"; they look real and come in as many difference shapes and sizes as real plants-even trees! 

4. Decorate Furnishings Within Reason

You don't have to go all out on the furnishings to decorate a room.  You can buy a simple area rug or an afghan rug for a conversation piece.  Add a few wild (but complementary) pillows to the couch or love seat.  You can replace the old lamps and dreary light bulbs with some new age, sleek looking alternatives.

5.C over Up Your Walls

Empty walls are intimidating.  So cover your walls up without any great effort by hanging up a few precious picture frames or even a few mirrors.  Would you rather try something bold?  We thought you'd never ask!  Try a geometric style shelf.  Simply draw an outline of a shape on the wall, with precise measuring using masking tape and a ruler, and then simply paint in the shape.  Put a small hanging shelf in the middle of the shape.  Very provocative...and hardly a day's work!

Home decorating doesn't have to be expensive or complicated.  It's just a matter of being creative and wanting a change of scenery.