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A Few Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is certainly the most elegant and romantic room in the house.  Yet, because it's the least seen decorative piece, it is often times ignored.  What is worse in life than an ugly, colorless bedroom?  (Well there are actually many worse things in life; but for the sake of this article, let's say there isn't)  Here are a few ideas on how to put the sex and style back into the most romantic room in the house.

Make Your Bedroom Romantic

Redecorate your bedroom to be a romantic honeymoon suite.  How do you start such a seemingly complicated task?  Simply design your room according to the five senses; touch, sight, smell, sound and taste.  Therefore, make sure the bed is extra cozy.  Buy luxury sheets and plush pillows and most importantly, a comfortable mattress that gently caresses both partners. 

Sight And Sound

When thinking about sight, think about light and colors.  First, room lighting should be filtered and soft, since bright lights can be distracting.  Soft pink is a nice hue to light a room.  For special occasions then think about the romance classics: candles.  Candle lighting is very suggestive and a visual treat.  When developing a light mood, be sure and filter out any noise from the outside un-romantic world.  Hang heavy curtains to muffle any noise pollution and turn off any other distracting appliances such as television.  For those special romantic occasions put on a few easy listening songs.  Preferably you want to hear music from a CD player not a home PC, as suddenly hearing an AOL chime can be considered very un-romantic.

Taste And Smell

To create a pleasant scent all over the room, burn some incense candles or simply wipe all the light bulbs in the room with a thin coat of perfumed oil.  Other small items of interest include dusting powder on your sheets for an extra silky feel, and sachets of rosemary and lavender.  Finally, taste.  Do we have to explain the value of chocolate, whipped cream and strawberries?  There are few things in life this good. 

Enjoy your romantic getaway bedroom-just don't get any food on the luxury pillows.