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Ideas On How To Decorate Your Den


A den can be described a snug or private retreat in the home where one goes to be alone.  This also means this is the one place in the house where you can decorate your surroundings according to your own tastes.  We didn't say according to bad taste-just your personal preference that's still color coordinated and in good style. 

Decorating A Private Place

There are ways to decorate a room badly and then there are decorations that are quaint or even kitschy.  All good home decoration designs must have a theme.  Simply splashing colors on walls and hanging up various posters is not really home decorating, even for a den.  (It's what they do in a garage)  But with an eye-pleasing theme, you can make your private room fun to work in and not visually assaulting.

Outrageous Themes

True, some themes are outrageous, even while following the basic rules of home decoration.  Some sports enthusiasts will decorate their den with art, posters and picture frames of their favorite teams.  Historians might prefer to decorate their den according to antiques and historical memorabilia.  Bachelors may want to decorate their dens with provocative colors and suggestive posters, while golf fans may choose their own "in the green" scheme.  Some decorators even like to use plenty of neon lights and turn their den into a little sports bar!


Dens are also much less picky about furniture.  They are the perfect places to store a computer desk, a pinball machine, a billiard table, a large antique clock and even a hammock.  Since it's your own private space, there's also room for unique furnishings, like massage chairs, exotic rugs too far out for the living room, and as many novelty items as you can think of. 

Adapting Personal Style

Dens are very personal rooms and should be customized according to a homeowner's taste.  Just remember to design a clean and peaceful scheme and remove any excess clutter.  All rooms should have a level of "peace-ness" to them so that the good feelings will be passed on to the tenants.  A good idea might be to write down your plan on computer or paper to get a feel for the project before you start painting and hanging up kitschy furnishings.  Have fun decorating the most fun room in the house!