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Important Notes On Fixing Plumbing And Electrical Problems


Unlike repairing walls or tile, when a home has electrical or plumbing problems, resolving them usually requires some technical training. Plumbing issues can leave the house a mess and electrical issues could cost an uneducated handyman his life.

Plumbing Repairs


Plumbing problems are fairly easy to spot: drains clog easily, faucets start to drip, broken pipes spray water, and toilets overflow. Should you hire a professional or attempt to fix the problem yourself? Consider the cost both ways: a professional plumber can charge as much as $80.00 an hour, depending where you live. Certainly, by repairing the plumbing problem yourself, you can save a lot of money. However, also keep in mind that if you don't know exactly what you're doing you could actually cause more damage than you fix. In this case, you've not only invested money in yourself, you still have to pay the plumber to make things right. Plumbing is not as technical an operation as electricity. Anybody who is familiar with the way the plumbing system works, and who has basic skills with tools and pipes, can complete a job. Many books are available on how to fix common plumbing problems as well as online information from various home improvement forums and websites.

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Electric Repairs

Unlike plumbing problems, which can cause nothing more than a big mess, when you work with electrical systems you are putting your life at risk. Therefore, while the homeowner can do some minor tasks, major tasks are best left to a professional electrician. When searching for the cause of electrical problems, if you notice any sparks or shorts then it is best to shut off the disconnect device that serves that part of your home. Never work on live electrical wires before shutting off the circuit first. Never stand in water or on a damp floor when handling wires of any voltage. It is estimated that every year in America hundreds of well-meaning homeowners die and thousands more are injured from attempting to fix electrical problems that they're not qualified to handle.

Repairs are expensive but life is priceless. Be sure and make the safest and most practical choice when repairing plumbing or electrical problems.