Remodeling and Renovating Home

Where To Get Ideas For Remodeling
Adam O’Connor

The smell of sawdust is in the air!  It's remodeling season and you're eager to get started.  Maybe you want to fix up your home so you can sell it in a couple of years.  Or maybe you just want a comfortable new addition to your permanent home.  In either case, remodeling your home is certainly a good idea-especially now when real estate and cold weather temperatures are rising steadily.  But what should you do?  Hmm, good question--you're not quite sure on how to get started.  You just know it's time for a remodeling.  No questions asked!  Here are some ideas organized into two categories.

Unique Ideas For Remodeling

Where might you find some unique ideas for remodeling your home?  Aside from watching television shows, you can subscribe to home remodeling magazines or purchase books for your ideas.  These information sources will not only give you ideas; they will also show you step-by-step how to began and finish the project.  Other unique ideas you can find by attending a home improvement expo locally, or even consulting "virtual expos" on the web.  Many Internet companies as well as big name retailers like Sears, The Home Depot, or Lowe's remodeling center can offer remodeling ideas online.  Some luxurious remodeling ideas for a home might include adding a swimming pool, adding a sunroom or remodeling your office to accommodate more appliances.   

Practical Trends For Remodeling

However, not all luxury remodeling ideas will be a good investment.  If you're looking at real estate value, or are simply thinking of selling your home in a few years, then it might be best to look for more practical ideas that will make the market value on your home rise.  Some practical remodeling ideas that always improve a house's value include adding a second story, improving the siding, and doing some minor repairs on the kitchen and bathroom.  Adding another bathroom or bedroom is always a smart move to increase the value of a modest home.

Count The Cost - Get Financial Advice for Your Remodel

But before you start demolishing toilets and taking down walls, be sure and count the cost.  While doing your own planning and using a calculator to estimate is a good idea in the beginning stages, when you're serious about investing money it's best to contact a professional contractor-even if you plan on doing it all alone.  They can offer advice and tell you if your expectations are realistic.

Have fun this season and always starting remodeling with a short term and long-term goal in mind.