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Five Things You Hate About Your Kitchen


We know what you're thinking.  You hate your kitchen.  Sometimes you just want to start breaking dishes and shoving rags down the garbage disposal.  Well before you do that, think about renovation!  You can make your same-old kitchen into a more elegant room with plenty of conveniences.  After all, the cook must be happy with the kitchen, before he or she can prepare a good meal.  Consider first the five things you might hate about your kitchen, and the perfect remodeling solutions.

1. I'm wasting away in here while I could be outside.

Wouldn't it be grand if you could enjoy the outside world while working in the kitchen?  Why not install some extra windows to bring in the sunshine and a cool breeze?  Position the window in a convenient place for the best scenery during spring and autumn. 

2. My kitchen is depressing.  It feels dreary in here.

Is it real contempt for cooking or might it be just the lighting?  Make your kitchen bright and lively at night by installing-not regular lamps or overhead bulbs-but some decorative light fixtures such as drop down hanging lamps. 

3. The kitchen was always much bigger when I was a kid.  Now it seems so small.

True.  So why not make it bigger?  Extend the walking area and add extra counter tops and cabinets.  When adding more furnishings be careful to keep as much open space as possible, as nobody likes a confining kitchen. 

4. I just hate my kitchen!  How many carrots can a person chop up in a year? 

Sounds like you're bored of the same old look and feel.  But rooms can be easily renovated and made to look better than new by just replacing a few items.  Most people don't attach a lot of sentimental value to their stoves or refrigerators.  So why not replace them with newer and more efficient appliances?  Overhead ovens and microwaves, refrigerators with ice makers, and new age dish washers that actually clean the dishes-these items not only bring you comfort they increase the market value of your humble home.

5. Even the floor is cracking.  It's like the floor is sick of my kitchen too.

Sounds like you need some new flooring as well.  Cracked tile or even dirty looking tile can make an otherwise beautiful house and livable kitchen into a dreary place.  So whether for comfort or home market value, consider replacing the kitchen flooring with new tile--vinyl, ceramic tile, oak, and laminate.

Don't hate your kitchen-especially when you can renovate it into something beautiful again.  All it takes is a little optimism and some good home improvement.